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About Us

365 Medical India, a subsidiary of Genetix Biotech Asia Pvt. Ltd. which is in business for 27 years now and is one of the leading suppliers for Molecular Diagnostics, Medical and health care products, representing Indian and International companies such as Analytik Jena Life Science, MRC Holland, Cortez Diagnostics Inc., AB Analytica, for Molecular Diagnostics; Convatec and Oculus Innovative Sciences for health Care/ Medical Products.

365 Medical; develops and markets a family of products that are FDA registered and regulated. These products are based upon the United States FDA approved Microcyn® Technology. The Microcyn® Technology currently has several existing global governmental approvals including multiple United States F.D.A. approvals, multiple European Union C.E. Mark approvals, and multiple United States E.P.A. approvals, in addition to the noted approvals by the Governments of Canada and Mexico.

Microcyn Technology based products combat infections and infectious disease epidemics in ways unparalleled by other disinfectants and even antibiotics – that is because the use of Microdacyn precludes mutation and precludes resistance through its disruptive biotechnology. In that way, micro-organisms such as viruses, bacteria and fungi are killed before they can adapt to Microdacyn and NO mutation and NO resistance is permitted – this is not possible with any other solutions, disinfectants or even antibiotics. Microdacyn Care Products are as Safe as Water.

Microdacyn promotes only those products it believes will truly revolutionize healthcare - products that will enrich the lives of patients and healthcare professionals all over the world. The Mission of 365 Medical India is to provide customers with complete understanding of the product and market. Our philosophy and core values are centered on our desire to provide the safest and most reliable products and services to our customers, employees and medical professionals.

Our consistent market growth and competitive advantage within the world market will ensure profitability and is a tribute to our trained employees, Innovation, Technology, and Market Research.

In regards to local and domestic communities, it is our goal to ensure that 365 Medical adhere to policies and procedures for the betterment of our customers.