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Microdacyn Wound Care Solution

Microdacyn® is a super-oxidized solution intended for use for debridement, irrigation and moistening of acute and chronic wounds, ulcers, cuts, abrasions and burns. Through reducing the amount of micro-organisms and contributing to a moist environment, it enables the body to perform its own healing process. Microdacyn® can be broadly applied within a comprehensive wound treatment. We have chosen to use the international colour classification guidelines for Red, Yellow and Black Wound types (the RYB colour classification). Green wound types will also be discussed.

We also provide Microdacyn® application guidelines for specific types of wounds (i.e. diabetic and venous ulcers and burns), since these specific wound types cannot always be described by a specific colour.

Microdacyn Wound Care Solution is a Life - Enhancing Advance in Tissue Care based on the Microcyn® Technology that mimics the same oxy-chlorine composition as that manufactured naturally by neutrophils in the human body’s immune system. Neutrophils are the most abundant type of white blood cells in humans and form an integral part of the immune system.

Microdacyn Wound Care Solution is as Safe-as-Water, bio-compatible, and a shelf-stable technology which has demonstrated, in a wide variety of research and investigational studies, the ability to treat a wide range of pathogens, including antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria (including, but not limited to, MRSA and VRE), viruses, fungi and spores while reducing inflammation and increasing blood flow to treated tissue, all while being completely NON-TOXIC to healthy human tissues and Cells. Safe as Water- effective as Penicillin.