Ecosafe Manufactures HOCl in purest form in an EPA, US-FDA Registered & GMP Complaint Facility

  • EcoSafe is a versatile solution that is 99.999% effective against all Microorganisms, Broad spectrum antimicrobial, Kills 99.99% of all Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi, Spores & Biofilm.
  • Neutral pH 6.0-7.0, Free Available Chlorine, 100-130 ppm.
  • 80-100 times more effective than Alcohol & Bleach with the same concentration.
  • Safe to be used in the Presence of Humans


  • Formulated with USFDA approved patented Microcyn technology, EcoSAFE ® is a 100% natural disinfectant containing Neutralized Electrolyzed Water & Natural Acid- Hypochlorous Acid. It is the only sanitizing solution designed and recommended to be used in the presence of Humans – safe to exposing the public to the solution for consistent cleaning and disinfecting.
  • It is designed to be used as a spray in aerosol format, fogging fumigant, and humidifier to areas and environments which are suspected to serve as a breeding ground for the spread of infectious disease.

Product Composition

Sodium Chloride 0.023%
Sodium Hypochlorite 0.006%
Hypochlorous Acid 0.004%
Other Ingredients 99.97%

Product Features

A single-use solution

Meets & exceeds all sorts of Sanitizing, Disinfecting & Fumigation needs

100% SAFE,

Can safely be used around people & poses no risk to the environment

Rinse-free and Foamless technology

Free from Alcohol, Fragrance, Chemicals, Colorants & Preservatives

Non- Toxic
Non- Irritating
Non- Corrosive
Non- Hazardous
Non- Carcinogenic

Broad-Spectrum Antimicrobial

Kills resistant strains such as H7N9, N5N1, MRSA, S.Aureus & E. Coli


Requires no special handling or disposal

Bleach & Quat Free

Does not fall under the list of hazardous products

On EPA List N

Disinfectants for use against SARS-CoV-2

100% Biodegradeable

Leaves no traces of any harmful surfactants


Gentle on Skin

Air Drying-No Wiping

The spray droplets rapidly air-dry leaving no stain on any areas of use

Size Variants

Size Variants


US Food and Drug

USFDA Approved Technology

The United States Environmental Protection Agency

Disinfectants for use against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID19)

Recommended in CDC guidelines for Disinfection & Sterilization in Healthcare Facilities

Australian Government Department of Health

Entered TGA-ARTG as registered, Hospital-grade disinfectant that kills Bacteria & Viruses, including SARS Cov-2 & Noro-viruses (Gastro) in 30 seconds

Mentioned in Essential Medicine List (EML) of WHO

US Food and Drug

Approved by USFDA as a food Grade sanitizer fit for use in food safety, food produce, seafood, meat & poultry sanitation (Use USFDA logo again)

Proven to be 100 % safe by Who for human health & environment (Use WHO Logo again)



Powerful Oxidiser & De-proteiner EcoSafe Electrolyzed water (Hocl) denatures Lipid/Protein layer of microorgasnisms as soon as it is sprayed onto the surface of contact


Broad Spectrum Antimicrobial Electrolyzed water (Hocl) starts its Action immediately & kills 99.99% microorganisms


Does not promote resistance Its physical mode of action denatures the outer layer (cell wall) Promoting osmotic shock, resulting in Microbial lysis


EcoSAFE ® is the most advanced infection control and can be used in multiple fields of application.


Immediate & significant reduction of harmful viruses and bacteria, as well as odor elimination, is achieved by fumigating key areas throughout any facility. The rapid and efficient application ensures no interruption to day-to-day operations. EFFICIENT – SAFE – EFFECTIVE. The Microcyn® Technology is backed globally by numerous international accreditations and endorsements. EcoSafe kills 99.9999% of viruses and bacteria in 30 seconds, including antibiotic-resistant MRSA, SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19), and Noroviruses.

Superoxidized Hypochlorous Acid is more efficient at killing pathogens, it eradicates all bacteria, mycobacterium, spores, fungi, viruses in a matter of seconds. It disinfects 200-300 times better than bleach. Also since it is stabilized HOCl, it has no charge, is 100% safe & has a relatively low molecular weight, which is a major plus in comparison to other chlorine-based disinfectants since it penetrates the protection barrier around the germs easily.